Wife║Mama to Dawson
Genuinely sharing all things life, styling my home + everyday outfits.
Caregiver to my special needs Brother †

Hi It’s nice to meet you, I’m Jess!

About Jess ~ 

I’m a lifestyle blogger, Wife, Mama to Dawson, Sister to a special needs Brother. † 

I enjoy sharing! That’s the main reason why I started this blog. So I could share everyday style + all things life!

Here’s a brief rundown of my life + things I love –

I was born in ’92 , 13months later my Brother Daniel was born with Cerebral Palsy. Lack of oxygen during the birth. Needless to say my families life change. It’s been hard at times but Daniel is such a blessing to our family & he’s taught me a lot! Growing up I struggle with a learning disability. School was not my friend. I think that’s what pushed me to be more creative & think outside of the box. 

For whatever reason I always enjoyed taking photos of myself. No joke, maybe I was made for social media? In high school I would set up my camera on a tripod with a self timer to take what I thought were cool facebook profile photos. LOL I’ve been always good at writing my thoughts + feelings down but not so good at spelling / grammar. 

I went to college for Fashion Management. Graduated. Knew I didn’t want to be in the the city so I came back home! I didn’t know what I wanted to do career wise. To be honest, I never have been a career driven woman. But don’t get it confused with being lazy or not wanting to work. I am a go getter & I obviously realize you need a job to do life. That’s how I ended up being my Brother’s personal care worker! My Mom had me pick up some shifts to help her out, as she pointed out that I still didn’t have a job. So I did. I ended up loving spending everyday with my Brother & getting paid for it! I honestly don’t know what I would do if I didn’t fall into this job position. It truly fulfills me as a person & I love how close I am with Daniel / my family. 

I soon realized I was having the need / want to be more creative in my day to day life. That creative need led me to purchase an online clothing shop called Mad Monkey Clothing. This shop was near & dear to my heart as my boss at the time hired me without even meeting me & it the best first job ever! I was so excited to officially carry on the Mad Monkey Clothing torch, so to speak. I finally had my own online shop! It’s something I’ve always dreamed of doing since I was a little girl. What can I say… I have always loved clothes! During that time I learned so much but I had to come to the decision to close up shop. As my Husband & I wanted to have a family. I was working full time with my Brother Daniel plus the shop as my side hustle, so I knew something had to give because I was balancing too much! 

That’s how I got here! I enjoy sharing! I never really thought myself as a blogger but realized I had the skill & the potential to learn “how to be a lifestyle blogger”. It’s been such a fun journey so far! Currently I’m a proud Mother to my Son Dawson, I still work full time care giving for my Brother & now I blog on the side. .