Lollipop Baby Camera ~

Lollipop Baby Camera ~

I’m so excited to share with you my thoughts on the Lollipop Baby Camera! I’ve heard all good things when it comes to this baby monitor. To be honest I didn’t do too much research when it came to baby monitors. While I was pregnant we bought the baby things that we knew we would need & waited on the items that we weren’t sure about. A baby monitor was on the wait list! Once Dawson arrived we decided that having a baby monitor was something that we would use regularly. Giving us newbie parents peace of mind! Trust me you’re going to want to feel at ease, especially when you are exhausted & going through the unknowns of the newborn phase.

The Lollipop baby camera is super user friendly. Easy to charge. Easy to set up. Plus it has a super convenient app that will give you notifications right to your phone or iPad!

Here are some key features –

  • Live view
  • Sleep tracking
  • True cry detection
  • Crossing detection
  • Data history
  • Sharing
  • Built in baby DJ ( play calming white noise )
  • Always the best view
  • Night vision
  • 128 degree view
  • 720p HD camera
  • Background play
  • Privacy mode
  • Infrared LED lights
  • Smart home device integration
  • Multi-streaming

Here’s the link to their website so you can read up on all these amazing features. CLICK HERE!

Add ons – You can purchase the Lollipop Smart Sensor which allows you to log the temperature, humidity, & air quality levels. If there are any changes you will instantly be notified via the app! Again giving you peace of mind which a huge when you are a new parent. If you’re interested in the Lollipop Smart Sensor CLICK HERE!

Overall this camera is a super simple design that is not overly complicated. But it’s very effective & has all the key features you would ever need in a baby monitor! I personally love how aesthetically pleasing this camera is as well. I get that’s not what it’s all about but it definitely a nice touch!

I’m really enjoying using this camera & would totally recommend it to any new parent! You won’t be disappointed.

CLICK HERE to purchase the Lollipop baby camera!

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