3rd Trimester Update ~

3rd Trimester Update ~

Week 28 – I’m still feeling good! Thankfully! Not much to update on.

Week 29 – 31 – Feeing baby move a lot! Overall still feeling great!

Week 32 – Baby is the size of a cantaloupe 🍈 Which is actually crazy to think about. I’ll have to start packing my hospital bag soon, just in case! A life update in the midst of pregnancy – We put our house for sale because the housing market is going crazy. Sold our house & had a quick closing date, which was great so we could move into the in-laws before baby boy arrives! Moving while pregnant was not a bad experience. I am still pretty mobile & was able to get all the organizing + packing done! My Husband was a huge help as well doing all the lifting & moving. It was a lot of work but so worth it!

Week 33 – 35 – I feel like I haven’t had many updates to report. So far I’m still sleeping great, no heartburn, & no leg cramping. The only symptoms I’ve had all pregnancy is a little indigestion from time to time. I’ve been out of breath at times but overall feel like working out has helped me with that! I’m genuinely thankful that this pregnancy is going well. Overall I still feel like myself. I feel confident in my changing body & I’m so proud that I’ve been able to stick to my healthy lifestyle all while being pregnant. Just so thankful to what my body has allowed me to do!

Week 36 – 38 – Well I’m officially in my 9th month of being pregnant! Overall I genuinely feel good. This pregnancy has gone really well & for that I’m super grateful! Towards the end I could really feel that he was sitting low. I had some pressure & a little discomfort. They say you get sick of being pregnant towards the end. Honestly, I was good with being 38 weeks pregnant. I didn’t feel like I was going to get sick of it as time went on. I was just anticipating the whole labour experience. When was it going to happen? How was it going to happen? What’s the pain like? How long is it going to be? One thing that started happening that was a little concerning was I was leaking something. So I kept going into the hospital to make sure it wasn’t the babies fluid or my water breaking. The tests all came back negative which was good but I found it very annoying to constantly having to wear a pad & just the overall feeling of leaking… Oh & also before the leaking started one weekend I had a bunch of bowel movements that weren’t my typical. Very well could of been a sign that my body was getting ready to go into labour.

At 38 weeks + 3 days I went into labour. Stay tuned for my labour & delivery blog post!

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