New Mommy Checklist + Creating a baby registry –

New Mommy Checklist + Creating a baby registry –

How many onesies? I’m still not entirely sure but I know you need enough so you aren’t doing crazy amounts of laundry!

How many blankets / swaddles? A fair amount… 🤷🏼‍♀️

Things you must have! ZIPPERED SLEEPERS!

I was planning on creating a well informed list from other Mama’s about roughly the amount of each must have you need! Although this was kind of hard to do considering everyone’s answers were so different. I soon realized that there’s no general number on how many of each item you need. It’s all a personal preference!

I’ll do my best once baby is here to create a list of what I personally think worked vs. what didn’t. That way if you’re a new time Mama like me you have something to reference that’s actually helpful!

Now that you have a general(-ish) list on how many of each you need / what even to buy! I want to share a great resource that I used to set up a virtual baby registry. Since this whole covid thing effects all you Mama’s out there just trying to live their best pregnancy lives!

Babylist – Is a website where you can host your registry for free. What’s really great about this website is you can link to whatever websites you want your family / friends to shop from. This is a really great feature because you can support all your most loved local Canadian online shops, Etsy shops, & the big shops that have all the baby things!

There are so many customizations that you can make to create the perfect registry. For example cash funds – which allows family & friends to contribute on bigger ticket items!

You may be wondering how this actually works. Once you put together you registry you can share it with family & friends.

Your registry list will look like the photo below! As you can see you can mark certain items as must have items. You can also Write the colour & size specifications of each item you include in your registry or leave a little note to family & friends!

Once each person makes their registry picks they will click on the Give This Gift button! That way they can reserve their picks & complete their purchases. They then will be directed to the individual websites to complete their purchase! If you want your family & friends to send the gifts directly to your address. The Babylist website states that you will be send the address & have to manually enter it in. I decided to include my address on our registry greeting in hopes to make it easier for gift givers!

Overall this is a good resource to use when creating a baby registry! I’ll can keep you updated on how it goes / what I truly think as I go on & use this site.

I’ve personally found it a little challenging to create a registry. Do I have too much on there? Do I have enough for friends & family to choose from? You just have to wing it & see what your loved ones pick out!

Update – I officially launched my registry & I’m really liking the user experience! Every time someone reserved an item or makes a purchase. You receive an email saying, “Someone’s getting you something!” Along with a button that says SHOW ME! or you have the option to keep it a surprise. I have to admit… I always click show me! It also marks items as purchased so you don’t accidentally get two of the same item.

It’s honestly been such an enjoyable experience getting in packagings from loved ones & you still have a surprise when you open them! I’m so happy we went with this alternative for our online baby shower.



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