My Mother Marriette ~

My Mother Marriette ~

My Mother has done what most Mother’s haven’t had to do. But that’s just the love of a Mother. ⠀

Daniel & I are so blessed to have such a caring, loving, & determined Mother! I have watched my Mom navigate her way through Motherhood with a special needs child. Of course all loving Mom’s do amazing things for their children but Mothers of special needs children truly need to be recognized as exceptional women. ⠀

If you’re a Mom with a special needs child or adult. I want you to know how special you truly are! Motherhood isn’t an easy task in general but when you’re faced with a challenge like a child who is so different from the rest. You have to love more, care more, be more selfless, have more strength, & be the strength for your family even more! ⠀

Know that God has used this life circumstance to shape you into the amazing woman you are today!

Way to go Mama! 

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