growing up with a special needs Brother –

growing up with a special needs Brother –

What’s it like growing up with a special needs sibling? How do I accurately put it into words. There are so many feels. Anger, guilt, loneliness, different, stressed… the list could go on! ⠀

Sometimes you feel like you are robbed of a tradition childhood. You know, the one where you have able bodied siblings to run around with. To play fit with. To have fun with. The stress free care life where you only have to think about yourself being a kid. ⠀

Siblings with special needs siblings don’t get that. We are born into a world of unknown. There’s no handbook on how to deal with or support your parents & your special needs sibling. You spend your whole childhood watching your parents stress to take care of your special needs sibling. Doctors appointments, hospitals, physiotherapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, that list could go on too! ⠀

Sometimes you have to watch your special needs sibling go through surgeries or watch them be uncomfortable in pain. Just as much as your parents are worried, unsure, stressed, & panicked. You are too. You can feel the energy in the house. ⠀

As a young kid you don’t know what to do or how to emotionally handle what’s going on. You watch your friends with their able bodied siblings & realize they don’t even know what they have! Because every Birthday when you blow out your candles you wish for your sibling to be able to walk & talk. ⠀

This inner battle as the able bodied sibling is a struggle you’ll face your whole life. It never ends. ⠀

With that being said ~ you have an amazing opportunity to learn the real truths of life. How people with special needs truly know the meaning to life. You learn how to be compassionate to all types of people, you learn that life isn’t about you all the time & that’s okay! You learn how to emotionally & mentally handle stressful situations. You learn that as much as you felt burdened at times by your special needs sibling that those feelings were valid but not necessary because God gave you a special life purpose for your family!⠀

Written by a Sister who is thankful to have a special needs Brother. 


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