swimwear brands I love –

swimwear brands I love –
Photo by @chantellewattphoto + @merakihairlove

Before we got hit with this pandemic I had the chance to visit a sales agency that I used to see more often when I owned an online clothing shop! One of my favourite things about owning a clothing shop was buying appointments. Those days were so much fun getting to shop for your customers but also kind of for yourself too!

One on the agencies I would visit often was Wilhelmina Sales – They carry some really great brands with a focus on swimwear. Here’s one of my personal secrets to get name brand clothing for a killer deal! Often times these sales agencies will have sample sales. They usually announce them via social media. You can get amazing deals on name brand clothing. Here’s a little bit of a catch. . . They have one sample in each piece / colour. Typically sample sizing is size small, but sometimes they have the odd medium. So sizing is limited! The majority of samples are good to go but sometimes they will change certain things in production. Before they make a bunch & send them out to all the shops!

Going to sample sales is so much fun! I was able to pre-shop one of their sample sales before we were quarantined. My plan was to take some super cute bathing suit photos for you! That plan isn’t going so well since or local beach is closed for the Summer. But I still wanted to share with you some of my favourite bathing suit brands! & of course feature Wilhelmina Sales because they are truly awesome. In the future I hope to partner with more sales agencies because we miss their presence in my life but also they feature some really cool brands, that I think you may like!

Maaji Swimwear – Is a really cool, good quality swimwear brand! A lot of their styles are reversible which is amazing because when you invest in quality swimwear it’s a bonus that you’ll be able to wear it different ways! It all depends what style you end up getting but they have some great ones to choose from.

When I saw this Maaji suit I wasn’t sure if it was even my style. It’s a little loud & out there for me. I Typically go with more solid colour swimwear. After trying this style on I thought it was so funky! Also very flattering! It can be hard to find bathing suits that make you feel completely confident. Here’s a little secret I was around 14 weeks pregnant in this photo! 👇🏼


Vitamin A Swimwear – This brand is a good go to brand to get your swimwear basics. The quality is on point & we love their designs. I ended up going with this cute pale yellow bikini! I knew it would look great with a tan & apparently a baby bump too. When we went to try on swimwear I wasn’t pregnant but I thought about the possibly that I may be at some point. We had some conversations about how we were going to take some lifestyle photos of these cute suits all while during a pandemic. . . We didn’t have much faith in our own photography skills compare to our amazing photographer Sara! She really knows how to make us look good! Gracie and I were bummed that we couldn’t shoot together unless we were 6ft apart which makes it tricky since we are a duo. Plus I was in that early awkward stage of pregnancy! I didn’t have a cute bump & I still needed to wait until my Husband & I were comfortable to announce the news.

So here’s a cute shot of me at the cottage with my cute little bump!

At the cottage / 19 weeks pregnant!

I genuinely love the swimwear brands I mentioned above. Another good one is L*Space – I own a couple from this brand as well I got at a sample sale! Swimwear can be challenging to find. But I believe there is something beautiful about not being able to hid anything in these small stretchy garments. . . Own your beauty because we all got it! You just have to believe it!


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