Mama + Co. Physio ~

Mama + Co. Physio ~

If you don’t follow you totally should! Abby offers some really great Physiotherapy Services for Mama + Baby. If you need some guidance with any of the following she’s your gal ~ Prenatal physio, postpartum physio, breast feeding support, pelvic floor physio, & infant physio.

I really enjoy following Abby on instagram ( ) because she shares Mama tips for all stages of pregnancy & once baby has arrived. She has built a really good community on social media that offers support to all the Mama’s out there!

Before I was pregnant I enjoyed living a healthy + active lifestyle. I knew once I was pregnant I wanted to continue to practice my lifestyle as much as my body would allow me to do so. I didn’t set any exceptions for how I would tackle being physically fit all while pregnant. Since I didn’t want to be disappointed if my body just wasn’t feeling it. Luckily during my first trimester I didn’t feel too bad so I was able to continue working out. Although I’ll admit I was super tired so workouts were more spread out! Once I entered my 2nd trimester my regular energy kicked in & I was able to complete workouts more often, which left me feeling accomplished / energized!

( 21 weeks pregnant )

Oh I should mention that I got approved by my Doctor to workout. That’s something you should definately talk with your Doctor about. Since I’ve workout for over 10 years now I felt confident in my workout knowledge! Although I will say at times I was a little uneasy whether or not I was able to do certain workouts safely with a growing bump. I ended up finding some pregnancy safe workouts on YouTube & found that to be an effective way to change up my workouts!

With all that being said Abby & I started chatting about how to safely modify your workouts for each trimester! We decided this collaboration would be an informative one because I’m sure a lot of us want to feel safe + confident when it comes to working out while pregnant.

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Here’s what Abby had to say ~

Fit Pregnancy – Is there a right way? 

Common advice is “listen to your body” but if you have never carried a baby before you likely will not know what to listen for. That’s where I can help!

Exercise is safe for baby (unless advised not to exercise by your primary health provider) and incredibly beneficial for mama too.

I’m listing the benefits of physical activity during pregnancy below; 

  • Positively impacts mental health 
  • Improves low energy and fatigue 
  • Prepare for birth/decreasing labour time 
  • Improves postpartum recovery 
  • Decrease back pain and body aches 
  • Improves digestion/constipation 
  • Improves bloating/swelling 
  • Literature shows protective against gestational diabetes 
  • Literature shows protective against low birth weight and preterm births 

So where do you start? 

Is walking and swimming the gold standard? That’s what most dated sources tell us to do. 

The society of Obstetrician’s and Gynecologist’s of Canada (the people that collaborate all the studies and research to give us guidelines for pregnancy) recommend 30min of moderate intensity per day. 

Furthermore, being sedentary is a greater risk for pregnancy than activity!

Let’s break it down by trimester; 

First Trimester –

  • Do what you like doing! Not concerned with adapting movements at this time. 
  • Perfect time to start if you were previously inactive. 
  • Can improve nausea and energy levels but give yourself grace if your bed is calling your name. 

Second Trimester –

  • Tone down the impact as your belly grows. I’m looking at you runners and cross fitters. You’re asking  a lot of your body with each jump with the increased load on your pelvic floor and laxity of your ligaments. 
  • Strength training is a fantastic option to reap the benefits of exercise for yourself and your babe during this time. 
  • Pelvic floor and ab connection can be utilized here for comfort and function long term. 

Third Trimester – 

Let’s prep for birth! 

  • Relax pelvic floor and open hips 
  • Work on mobility and functional strength, think deep body weight squats 

Fourth Trimester –

  • Recovery phase x12 weeks 
  • Tissue healing 
  • Reconnect abdominal wall 
  • Active recovery, breathwork, core connection not mommy bootcamps quite yet.

This is an amazing time to be active but with your body going through some dramatic changes it is okay to ask for support along the way. I love when mama’s are motivated to do their own workout programs but just need a little tweaking from a women’s health specialist to get the best results while they are growing and glowing.

Hope this is helpful, 


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