your cottage is where?

your cottage is where?

McGregor Bay, Ontario – Which is six hours away from my home. Omg but that is so far! That’s usually the reply I get from people. I agree it is far but to me it’s the closet thing to heaven on earth! To be honest, that’s my Dads famous line.

( My grandma at McGregor Bay )

My Grandparents came up to this area every Summer to hang out with their family friends. They would take a month off work every July & bring all the kids up for some Summer fun! My Mom was one of these kids. She would spend Summers up there fishing, exploring, you know. . doing what kids do!

( McGregor Bay, Ontario )

I’ve been coming up to McGregor Bay since I was a little girl! When I think back to my childhood, some of the best memories I have were at the cottage. As a kid I remember exploring, swimming, & being outside the whole day! The only rule was we had to wear life jackets once we stepped off the deck. But none the less we had a blast running around!

( Hubby & I / My families cottage view )
( Dad & Mom )

My parents just recently purchased a cottage up there, which we are all really excited about! Daniel ( my brother who has cerebral palsy ) loves being at McGregor Bay. He enjoys boating, being outside all day, & his family! Honestly having Daniel at the cottage is a lot of work. Lifting him around, packing all the extra things he needs, my parents don’t really get a break. But it’s one of the only vacations we can take with him so it’s worth all the extra! As a family we want to give Daniel awesome life experiences, so we all work together to make it happen! For those of you who don’t know I work as a personal care worker for Daniel. So I’m able to still work on vacation, which helps out my parents & of course I get money to be able to do life!

( Daniel & I )
( Mom, Marley & I )

Another thing I should mentioned but never really realized. This cottage country is pretty isolated. You need to know the waters to be able to drive a boat on this lake because it’s full of shoals. Rocks in the water that you can hit your boat on & as the water levels change each year the shoals can look different. Some are just hiding under the waters surface! For safety reasons it’s good that more than one persons knows how to drive the boat around.

There is also a lot of wildlife there. Moose, deer, bears, otters, fish, birds, minks, porcupines, wolves, etc. . . So you need to be aware of your garbage! We take out compostable stuff out to a random island to dump it. If you were to compost it next to your cottage you would definitely attract a bear! I’ve personally have never seen a bear at McGregor Bay but I’ve heard stories.

Being at a cottage like this teaches you a lot of good skills! I know how to drive a boat.Boat knots! I’ve been tying boats to docks since I was a kid. If you were out all day on the boat & had to use the washroom you have to go on land somewhere! I don’t know if that really applies as a good skill but you have to do, what you have to do! Another thing I used to do a lot as a kid is fillet a fish. It was neat to see if there was anything left in the fishes stomach. Don’t ask me why I thought that was fun but it’s an important skill to at the cottage!

Oh & there wasn’t much cell reception up there when I was a kid. You most likely could make a call if there was an emergency but it wasn’t easy to find the reception. Everyone would know the certain spots at their cottage to get the best cell reception! Presently the cell reception has improved. At my parents cottage you can easily make calls. FaceTime kind of works but doesn’t always. The connection social media is on the slow side. But it isn’t impossible to make a post or Instagram story it just takes longer to load! It’s nice to be able to disconnect & enjoy the beauty around you!

The view! McGregor Bay is one of the only places I can just sit there & not get sick of all the gorgeous views! Seriously, they are stunning & every cottage has it’s own special view. Not one is better than the other!

Ugh can you tell. . . I love this place!

McGregor Bay definitely holds a special place in my heart! The history my family has up here makes it that much more special. I’m excited to be able to share this place with my kids one day!


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