my gym journey

my gym journey

My love for the gym started over 10 years ago. I used to be a competitive figure skater so I ended up doing a lot of off ice training. To be real with you I didn’t love the gym at first. In fact, I hated it because I typically don’t like trying new things. It’s still not my favourite thing to do. I think it’s because I don’t like being bad at something. Which is silly because when you first start something you aren’t going to be a pro!

I ended up sticking with the gym though & began to fall in love with the lifestyle. In high school (2006 – 2010) I would go to the gym after school with some friends. When I was in college I would wake up early in the morning to “gym it” before school started. Now my gym routine is still consistent and my morning workout! I just find if I motivate myself to workout before I head to work I feel better. My day usually goes smoother. I feel more positive & energized!

( Back in 2013 )

For me the gym is my time to myself! There’s nothing like listening to your favourite music & toning your body. It just feels good to move! Even though I don’t believe you should go to the gym specifically for losing weight (unless you have a lot to lose and your doctor has suggested that you’ll be healthier at a lower weight), because it can set you up for failure! Where as if you change your mindset to, “the gym will make me feel better” You’re associating it with a positive thought! The fact is if you have an active lifestyle & eat a well balanced diet your body will drop the weight you need to lose for health reasons not vanity. You body will look toned because you are working it & putting nutrients into it! Sticking to a solid gym routine is all about the mindset and positivity.

I’m going to get vulnerable with you for a second. I’m hesitant to share anything of these photos because of the back lash I may receive. Some of you may look at these photos I’ve shared & think. . . “I don’t get how she didn’t like herself here” But to be completely real & transparent there was a time when I looked in the mirror & saw things I didn’t care for. Still to this day I look in the mirror at times & nit pick my body for no reason at all!

( 2013 when I wasn’t completely happy & my eating habits weren’t great. )
( Back when I used to wear double push up bras / bathing suit tops )

I didn’t like the way I looked in either of the photos above. Still when I look at them it makes me cringe, if I’m being completely honest. I guess the reason it makes me cringe is because I wasn’t happy. My self esteem was at a low. My diet was okay but I would have “cheat days” & on those days I would binge on all the bad food I would crave throughout the week. I would eat until I was too full & literally had to lay down to feel better. I didn’t have healthy eating habits & it was just a time in my life when I was an emotional eater. Now I realize I may not look horrible to you. But it’s amazing how we can all have some type of body dysmorphia.

As the years past by, I focused on learning the proper way to have a healthy balanced diet. I continued going to the gym & started noticing changes! My happiness came back after getting through a couple relationships with guys who just weren’t right for me. I started gaining confidence on my own & taking charge of my life!

( 2014 when I started to see results! )

Currently I feel like I have a good grasp on my healthy lifestyle. Since my husband & I have took clean eating to a whole other level in our lives. I have noticed my body has been pretty lean. Which concerns me a little since women’s BMI (Body Mass Index) Normal range for BMI is 18.5 – 24.9. You can take a BMI quiz online if you’re curious. (Although, please take the BMI with a grain of salt, it doesn’t necessarily tell the entire truth or take into consideration all aspects of a woman’s health and body size) But typically, women should be around 25% body fat. I don’t know what I am as of now but I worry I may be a little lower. Since I have a fast metabolism I need to make a conscious effort to get the proper nutrients. My goal as of now is to focus on eating more / bigger portions of healthy foods to see how my body responds! Since my Husband & I started trying for a baby I want to make sure my body is in optimal health for that stage of my life. We had a miscarriage with my first pregnancy. So I’m in the process of checking my hormone levels & focusing on giving my body all the nutrients!

( current 2019 )

I guess my point in sharing all this is to show that we all have different goals. Everyone’s fitness journey is going to look different! No matter your shape or size we all look in the mirror at times & not feel the best about ourselves. All we need to focus on is the things we can change & improve. It’s simple, just get your body moving. Eat healthy & the rest will happen!

Good luck babes! See you at the gym!
xo Jess

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