ativo skincare review –

ativo skincare review –

I’ve been following this brand on Instagram ( @ativoskincare ) for awhile now and I finally decided to give it a try! I’m so glad I did! I have been using these products for a couple weeks now and my skin has a really nice glow. The face wash doesn’t feel drying and it’s such a nice lathering consistency!

I should probably let you know my skin type. . . I have sensitive skin that’s normal to dry ( I think ). I do find my skin has some redness around my nose, cheeks, and sometimes my chin area! Not much but it’s there. In high school I didn’t struggle with acne THANK GOODNESS! I would get breakouts here and there around my time of the month. In my early 20’s I got adult acne! OMG SO MUCH FUN! I’m pretty sure it was all hormonal. Now as I’m writing this I’m 27 and my skin is pretty easy to manage, HALLELUJAH! For whatever reason I don’t get a lot of breakouts & if I do they aren’t huge ugly ones!

I honestly don’t know why my skin isn’t problematic anymore or why randomly in my 20’s I would experience acne worse then I ever had in high school! It will remain a mystery but I’m excited to share with you this natural beauty brand I came across that’s made in Canada!

I got the 4 Step Deluxe – Normal / Dry & Redness Skincare Package! Plus I also got the Glow Skin Facial Oil because I obviously want my skin to glow. I’ve been using these products for over a couple months now & I can honestly say I’m loving them! I find when it comes to skincare sometime you don’t know if a product / products you are using are actually doing anything. Have you felt this way too? Well Ativo Skincare is one of the first all natural beauty brands I’ve used that I genuinely see a difference in my skin! Yay!

Step 1 – Cleansing! This Facial Foam Wash is simple yet amazing! It has a light facial scrub in it that helps clear away dirt & oil off your skin. I love that it’s gentle because often times really abrasive scrubs irritate my skin because they are too harsh. The lather of this product is so nice! You only need a pea size amount which I personally find is never the case with beauty products. I find myself always using more. But even with the pea size amount it gets soapy! Most importantly it leaves your skin feeling clean & moisturized! Ugh it’s such a good feeling on my sensitive skin.

Step 2 – Hydrate! Rose Facial Toner – I’ve always heard the benefits to rose water. It helps with your skin PH levels, it has anti-inflammatory properties, & it is very hydrating! I just spray this right on my face & I’ll use a cotton pad to dab the product in to my freshly cleaned skin.

Step 3 – Moisturize! I mix a facial oil with The Restore Moisturizer – Typically in the morning I’ll use the Glow Skin facial oil & at night I’ll use the Miracle Facial Serum.

The Miracle Facial Serum helps an uneven skin tone & will improve the texture of your skin! You can also use this oil on all areas of the body! It’s great for stretch marks – if you’re pregnant this oil can also be applied to help the growing bump stay moisturized!

The Glow Skin Facial Oil has Vitamin A & Vitamin C which improves the glow of your skin! Yes please! This product also has essential fatty acids which help nourish, repair, and hydrate your skin!

I love both facial oils so I honestly couldn’t tell you which one is my favourite! If you’re thinking about checking out Ativo Skincare you can read all the things on their website. They have really good descriptions on what each product does & a full ingredient list!

Even though my skin was good before I tried these products. I do notice a difference! If I get a breakout it stays small & doesn’t get super red / inflamed. The pimple will come to the surface easily & heal fast! My blackheads on my nose have really improved as well. I truly love these products & would totally recommend them! Ativo Skincare has some really neat products that you should checkout if you’re interested in all natural skincare!

For the record this post isn’t sponsored. This is just my honest review on products I’ve personally wanted to try!


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  1. Hi I’m shawna and I couldn’t agree more. I also discovered Ativo many months ago and since I ordered some items I’ve been a devoted fan. I use all products listed but only serum I use is the miracle one. I too have very good skin but I want to keep it that way., I am 44 so of course I’m aging her face wash and rose toner are a must. My daughter is a makeup artist so Tracy’s Ativo brush cleaner will blow u away and save u tons of back breaking time cleaning your brushes. They dry like new. And its Canadian!!! So just wanted to let you know I concur and love Ativo for so many reasons. She takes her products and what goes in them serious. Ativo is a brand you can trust. Thanks for the code take care


    • Hi Shawna! I’m so glad to hear you love Ativo Skincare too! I know I’m happy I found this brand. 🙂 – Jess


  2. […] Here’s some facial oil’s that I really love by Ativo Skincare! The Miracle Facial Serum it has a 4.9 star rating. I also purchased the Glow Facial Oil because I couldn’t decided between the two. I absolutely love the way my skin feels after using both of these oils. If you’re curious about Ativo Skincare you can read my full review on the 4 Step Deluxe Skincare Package – Click here to read my full review – Ativo Skincare Review […]


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