you need these shorts –

you need these shorts –

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Jess: I’m almost 27! I’ve been finding in my late 20’s that I’ve been looking for longer shorts. But, I don’t want them too long! Just the right length. Can any of you relate?

I finally splurged on this pair & I’m so happy I did. Grace actually bought them too! (See her review below!) Here’s why they are amazing – 1. They fit true to size. 2. They are a real high waist. 3. The length is perfect! 4. The distressing is just right! 5. The fit is so comfortable! I will warn you, the price is a little high but when it comes to denim, Grace & I both feel you kinda have to splurge! I know these are going to be my go to short for this season! Now I just need a tan!

@gracielovekin – Let’s all agree, short shorts, and I mean the super short jean shorts that don’t cover your butt and ride up the front, is the worst denim trend plaguing pre-teens/teens today. I feel like denim makers forgot that other people, in their 20’s and 30’s (omg, even older!) want to wear denim shorts too! And, we certainly can’t wear those denim belts in public.

Good for you if you can rock those short bad boys without getting a front wedgie but I am NOT into that look. I am however, obsessed with the Agolde Dee Riccochet Short. They are insanely comfortable for a few reasons:

  1. Quality of the actual denim. It’s the softest combed cotton I’ve ever put on my butt.
  2. They’re high waisted! Which means, they don’t cut into your hips and create the dreaded muffin top! Praise the denim gods that high waisted is fashionable because that’s all I want to wear.
  3. The 3.5 inch inseam. The longer short length makes picking up kids and sitting cross legged a reality. Or, doing whatever stretch I’m doing in the picture above.

Here’s the thing, with all this greatness comes great cost. These babies are expensive. I bought mine on the Aritzia website and they were close to $200 by the time I paid for shipping and taxes. Ya, ya, I know, that’s A LOT of money. BUT – this is the only pair of jean shorts I will be wearing all summer and next summer and the summer after that. It’s an investment. So don’t judge me if you see me in town in the exact same outfit day after day after day because I have to get my money’s worth!

Ummmm…good news jean fans, they’re on sale! Click the pink link to get the savings. Should I buy another pair?!

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